BR College of Pharmacy

To impart best quality education in Pharmaceuticals & Lab technologies and evelop the B. R. College of Pharmacy, in to centre of excellence for a broad range of education, of international standard, for all, with a view to realize the dreams of Founder of Institute, to uplift the masses from poverty and improve their quality of life through education, empowerment and employment.

What our students say about us

I feel BRCP offered me the best opportunity for development of my skills in community interaction and development. I have found that the method of teaching is different from the one I am used to. Most of my courses have hands on aspect.

Rahul Kumar

B. R. College of Pharmacy gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies within an international multicultural environment. Due to its mega diversity of cultures it makes the place interesting, exciting and vibrant.

Harish Kumar

In order to get a first class education, B. R. College is the most appropriate place to start!  


With the welfare office open every weekday, I received all the help I needed, either with my study or just my daily life issues.  

Rahul Kumar

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