For each student to enjoy the full benefits of the facilities placed at his disposal, he must abide by the rules and regulations of the institution. These are solely designed to safeguard the welfare and privileges of students and those of the fellow students and are liable to change without notice from time to time. The students are advised to keep themselves informed about the day-to-day instructions given to them through notice boards and Institute website at A plea of ignorance of any rule cannot be accepted as an excuse for breaking it.

Any student of first semester absenting from class on the very first day without notice or without adequate reasons is liable to be removed from the rolls of the Institute by the Principal.

  1. Students are expected to behave with decorum and to pay due respects to their faculty and other staff members. Every member of staff has the authority to forbid disorderly behaviour either within or outside the Institution and must be immediately obeyed by students in such circumstances. Students failing to observe this clause are liable to be punished with levy of fines and even expulsion from the Institution.
  2. Talking loudly, loitering or congregating in the institute premises or any other mode being a source of disturbance and annoyance to others is not permitted.
  3. Smoking, consuming of alcohol, Tobacco is not allowed either in the Institution, Examination Hall, or in the hostel premises. Any student found committing breach of this rule shall be expelled from the Institution summarily.
  4. Late arrival or early departures from a class are recorded as absence from the class for the period concerned.
  5. It is misdemeanour, to interfere with any apparatus or enter any department other than directed, is not allowed.
  6. No student has any authority over the employees of the Institution, Survey instruments, tools and other apparatus/equipment of laboratories and workshops must be left in good order after use. Damage caused due to mishandling shall be charged as fine.
  7. All students must attend any industrial visit arranged for them unless previously exempted by the Principal and notes on the visit shall be submitted within a fortnight after visits.
  8. Students themselves only are responsible for their own belongings/property whilst in the Institution and Hostel premises. No responsibility shall be accepted for any loss or damage to student’s property.
  9. Student shall observe all safety precautions. The Polytechnic is not responsible for accidents for whatever nature in the Polytechnic or Hostel or Workshop or Laboratories or during the tours organized for the students.
  10. The studies at the Institute require attention and diligence on the part of students. A student neglecting his studies and showing unsatisfactory progress, will be given two warnings after which if he fails to improve, he will be liable for expulsion from the Institution.
  11. The Conduct inconsistent with general ethics or persistent neglect of work or failure to respond promptly to official notices shall be punished with levy of fines and even expulsion from the Institution.
  12. Students are advised to deposit all cash with the Local Post Office /Bank and draw the requirements from time to time. The institution is not responsible for any loss by theft or otherwise.
  13. No Institute society shall be formed without the permission of the Principal.
  14. The decisions of the Principal shall be final in all matters concerning the Institute’s administration and regulation.
  15. The Rules and Regulations/Instructions framed by the State Board of Technical Education, Haryana shall have superseding effect over the provisions and representations made in this prospectus. A copy of such Rules and Regulations will be maintained in the institute’s library and should be referred to by each student. Any amendments or modifications in the rules will be kept in the library office of the Principal of the Institution for the reference of the students for making themselves up to date in respect of such amendments.
  16. Legal disputes, if any, to the level of session court are subject to the Jurisdiction of the place of centralized admission.

Uniform: The students of the Polytechnics are required to strictly abide by the rules pertaining to uniform as given below. Every student shall equip himself/herself with the necessary sets of uniform. Non-compliance may lead to imposition of fines.

Boys: Sky Blue Shirt, Navy Dark Blue Pants, Black Shoes

Girls: Navy Dark Blue Suit and Salwar, Black Shoes/Sandal

Library and Reading Room: Each Institute maintains a good collection of books of technical, professional and general interest. The students are allowed to use of these books freely under the following regulations:-

  1. Books must be returned or got renewed within 15 days, but the Librarian may summon the return to any book earlier and when urgently required.
  2. Fine as per Library rules will be imposed for every book returned late.
  3. Students will be required to pay the cost of books, if lost by them. Fine as per library rules shall also be imposed.
  4. Marking on books, defacing or tearing of paper is not permitted and the defaulters will ordinarily be required to pay the price of the book.
  5. Technical journals are only provided in the Reading Room for the students.

Book Bank: BR College maintains a Book Bank having sufficient number of Text books for the poor and needy students. Books are issued to the deserving students for full semester/year.

Students Extra Curricular Activities: The Institution provides facilities for different kinds of extracurricular activities of the students like Sports, Games, NSS, Volunteer Squad, Hobby Club, Music and Dramatic Club etc. Every student can take part in one or more of the activities provided. The Institutions are equipped with modern teaching aids. The instructional work is supplemented with film shows mostly of technical character for the benefit of the students.

Medals and Prizes: Every year a number of medals and prizes for proficiency in various subjects and extracurricular activities are awarded to the students on the basis of each semester/year activities of each discipline by the Institution.

Medical Aid: BR College has their own dispensary where the requisite medicines and part-time service of a competent Doctor are arranged for rendering first-aid facilities and medical check-up in the Institution.

Conclusion:  With admission into the institute, there begins a period of great responsibilities, He/she should recognize that the success of his/her carrier depends largely upon his/her own purpose, industry and determination to make the best use of the opportunities offered. The Institute offers instructions and allows the use of equipment. Teachers and others are ready to help with encouragement and advice and it will be up to the student to derive greatest advantage from facilities offered to him/her. He/she should be prepared to do hard work and bear hard life.