1. Pharmacist after completing his/her study took oath before entering in to Pharmacy Profession may be any one.
  2. Pharmacist has a choice to open a retail chemist shop, Whole sale Chemist Shop, can take a distributorship to open a drug or C & F store of any company and can start his/her business
  3. Pharmacist can join Pharmaceutical Company and act as a marketing manager or M.R and option salesmanship or marketing as career.
  4. Pharmacist after completing his/her study, can open a cosmetic manufacturing company, or can act as manufacturing chemist in a cosmetic manufacturing unit.
  5. Pharmacist if he/she wants to continue his/her study further can join Bachelor of Pharmacy (duration 3 years), Degree course for him/her to continue his/her study for better prospects in life admission.
  6. Pharmacist can join Govt. job and called as Hospital Pharmacist or Community Pharmacist. It being a noble and public dealing profession, he/she can serve the people and sick men in a better way.
  7. Pharmacist can serve in, nursing homes because on the basis of knowledge he/she attained during his/her study period he/she is best suitable person, available to look after the nursing home and in this way he/she can serve the people well.
  8. Pharmacist can act as Assistant in big companies to assist chief manufacturing chemist or manufacturing chemist. Because being a trained Pharmacy man/woman he/she much better to preclude avoidable risk or error of accidental contamination in the preparation of Medicaments.
  9. Pharmacist can act as a manager of big chemist shops or shopping malls. As big Indian companies such as Subhiksha, Guardian, Fortis, Ranbaxy, Apollo and Religare has entered in to the “Retail Chain Store” business and appointing trained Pharmacist as Manager of that “Retail Chain Store” a new outlet for Pharmacist.
  10. Pharmacist is entitle for repacking license under Drugs & Cosmetics act 1940, and can

start his/her own repacking unit or became a qualified person in that unit.